Mission, Vision, Values


Administering and enforcing cigarette taxes for Northern Virginia in a professional, responsive, and timely manner, in accordance with state/local laws and established policies and procedures.



We want to be the model regional cigarette tax board statewide in building a culture of excellence with the duties entrusted to the NVCTB by all member jurisdictions.



The NVCTB is directed by the following values:

Respect – We treat each other equitably and support thoughtfulness and inclusion.

Integrity – We exhibit honesty and ethics in our work and interaction with others.

Consistency – We work diligently to serve all our stakeholders and process requests in a similar manner.

Efficiency – We strive to ensure processes and workflows are streamlined to the extent possible.

Knowledge – We seek to stay informed of relevant issues to better serve all our stakeholders.

Stewardship – We exercise financial discipline with assets and resources demonstrating commitment to protecting entrusted resources.